The Rocco’s Dolce original brownie recipe was created by artist Martha Jaramillo in Barranquilla, Colombia in 1991. Martha’s secret chocolate-fusion brownie concoction was so coveted by family and friends that it soon became a small baking service for local patrons.

In 2001, Martha moved to the US alongside her daughters Kika and Natasha Pérez, but she didn’t forget to pack her special brownie formula. She kept baking her delicious treats for the nearby Miami community for many years, and after countless chocolate-hungry mouths had tried her unique and addictive flavors, a following of brownie groupies was born. The chocolate cat was out of the bag.

So in the summer of 2016, Martha and her daughters officially established the Rocco’s Dolce Artisanal Brownie Sweetery. The company is named and designed in honor of their late dog Rocco Pérez, an incredibly sweet and loving English Bulldog, who was not only a beloved pet but also a dear friend for many years.

Currently, the brand has been growing incredibly fast as Martha and the girls develop innovative flavors and more daring brownie products like their already famous Pistachio Nutella Brownie cake. They will continue to work tirelessly, always attempting to dazzle new palates and perfecting their magic so that they can claim to be the masterminds behind most satisfying brownies in the world.

And all the while, they have never forgotten the memory of their furry pal in their home kitchen, jumping enthusiastically and going completely crazy over the smell of freshly baked brownies. That’s why they knew Rocco had to become the inspiration for their ambitious dream:
To spread the chocolate love affair, one bite at a time.

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