Let yourself fall in brownie love.

Our brownies are made of the highest quality ingredients, featuring an array of luxurious chocolates from around the world to create a unique fusion formula that will undeniably melt your heart.

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Unity, brotherhood, love of country and oh yes, brownies.

The excitement of a brownie date.
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Boy troubles? Nothing a box of Rocco’s Dolce fusion brownies can’t cure. Call us to place your order. We are more effective than your therapist and far better tasting. #roccosdolcebrownies

The Rocco’s Dolceoriginal brownie recipe was created by artist Martha Jaramillo in Barranquilla, Colombia in 1991. Martha’s secret chocolate-fusion brownie concoction was so coveted by family and friends that it soon became a small baking service for local patrons.

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In 2001, Martha moved to the US alongside her daughters Kika and Natasha Pérez, but she didn’t forget to pack her special brownie formula. She kept baking her delicious treats for the nearby Miami community for many years, and after countless chocolate-hungry mouths had tried her unique and addictive flavors, a following of brownie groupies was born. The chocolate cat was out of the bag.

Spread the chocolate love affair, one bite at a time.